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Embrace the Journey from Sounds to Silence at Mohanji Centre of Benevolence, Walpole, WA, Australia – Your Pathway to Inner Transformation, Awakening Compassion, and Unconditional Love.
Welcome to the Mohanji Centre of Benevolence in Walpole, Western Australia. In this serene natural sanctuary, we offer a profound spiritual journey and a haven for seekers of peace and self-discovery. Our centre is dedicated to helping you reconnect with your inner self in a tranquil environment that nurtures growth and inner peace.

Our centre is dedicated to helping you reconnect with your inner self in a tranquil environment that nurtures growth and inner peace.

Explore Mohanji Centre
of Benevolence

A Sanctuary for
Harmony and Stability

Here, you can immerse in an experience of harmony and inner stability, embraced by Mohanji’s divine energy. This is a place for physical relaxation and spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Practices and
Holistic Well-being

Our centre emphasizes comprehensive spiritual development. Engage in meditation, yoga, and silence zones that promote mental clarity and physical well-being, complemented by plant-based nourishment.

A Community
of Compassion

The Mohanji Centre of Benevolence stands as a beacon of compassion and benevolence. Join a community that lives empathy and kindness, where every journey is honored and every being is respected.

Connect, Grow, and Transform

Whether seeking a retreat from life’s pace or delving into self-discovery, our centre supports your transformative journey. Reconnect with nature, your inner self, and a nurturing spiritual community.

Contemplation Spaces

Explore secluded, sacred areas within our center, designed for introspection. Find solitude to connect with your inner self, fostering deep peace and spiritual rejuvenation.

Mohanji and Centres of Benevolence and Peace

Mohanji, guiding light of the Mohanji Foundation, advocates a path of self-realisation, compassion, and unity. His teachings inspire our centres, which are havens for:

Raja Yoga Path and

Embracing the ‘Be You’ philosophy, Mohanji’s teachings encourage authenticity and a journey from the individual self to the supreme consciousness.

Compassion and Non-Violence

Our centres are vegan and cruelty-free, promoting respect and kindness to all life forms, embodying the philosophy of ‘One World, One Family’.

Spiritual Heart and Unity

Each centre houses sacred spaces, radiating love, peace, and unity, pivotal to our journey of self-realisation and communal harmony.

Programs and Retreats

The Mohanji Centre of Benevolence in Australia offers a diverse range of practices

Location Amidst Nature

Location Amidst Nature

Set in Walpole's ancient forests and rugged coastlines, our centre fosters deep connections with nature and self.

Traditional Yoga and Meditations

Group Mai-Tri Sessions

Dive into practices that unify body, mind, and soul, and experience transformative meditations.

Mohanji Transformation Method

Mohanji Transformation Method

Engage in a holistic method that aligns your physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.

Unique Offerings

Unique Offerings

Explore Conscious Dancing, Group Mai-Tri Sessions, and other healing and mindfulness practices.

Satsangs with Mohanji

Satsangs with Mohanji

Experience spiritual discourse, guiding you to inner peace and clarity.


Join Us

Embark on a transformative journey with us at the Mohanji Centre of Benevolence, Australia. Our sacred space is open to all who seek peace, serenity, and self-discovery. Step into a world where spiritual growth and inner transformation are not just possibilities but realities.
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