Meet our cherished beings in the Heartfelt Haven

At our centre, we are blessed with the presence of a diverse range of beings, each of whom plays a unique role in enriching the spiritual and natural tapestry of our sanctuary. Allow us to introduce you to our cherished companions and the significance they hold in our community.

Our Beings

The Divine Cow

Kamadenu, the symbol of divine abundance, graces our centre with her nurturing energy. She embodies the spirit of generosity and provides us with the sustenance we need. Her presence reminds us of the sacred bond between all living beings.

The Playful Calf

Meet Nandini, the lively and playful calf. She represents the spirit of adventure and joy that infuses our centre. Your contributions support her growth and ensure that she becomes a spirited companion to everyone here.

The Magnificent Peacocks

The peacock clan, comprising Hari, Shweta, Muruga, Valli and Devayani, adds a touch of grace and beauty to our surroundings. Their vibrant plumage and regal presence remind us of the elegance and majesty of nature.

The Australian Icons

G’day, mates! The kangaroos embody the spirit of Australia and roam our grounds with a delightful sense of freedom. Their presence is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of different beings in our sanctuary.

The Colorful Avian Beauties

Our vibrant parrots and galahs add a splash of color to our serene scenery. Their vibrant plumage and lively chatter remind us of the beauty of diversity in the natural world.

The Feathered Companions

Our feathered friends, including Guineafowl, Hens, and Roosters, bring joy and laughter to our centre with their playful antics and cheerful clucks. Their presence enhances the sense of community and connection here.

The Melodious Songbirds

The melodious magpies serenade us with enchanting songs, filling our centre with their sweet melodies. Your kindness enables them to continue their tuneful performances and thrive in our nurturing environment.

The Significance of Our Beings

These beings are not just inhabitants of our centre; they are integral members of our spiritual community. They remind us of the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of nurturing and respecting every being on this planet. Their presence enhances our spiritual journey and deepens our connection to the natural world.

How You Can Contribute

If you feel inspired by the presence of these beings and wish to support their well-being and care, we invite you to contribute. Your donations go towards providing food, shelter, and care for our beloved companions. By contributing, you become a part of our extended family, sharing in the love and gratitude we have for these cherished beings.
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