About Mohanji

Discover Mohanji, a global advocate for humanity, peace and personal growth. Mohanji transcends cultural and social barriers to promote the universal values of kindness and non-violence. His lead motivation is ‘to add value to the world.’ With non-profit initiatives across six continents, Mohanji empowers thousands to make a positive impact in the world.

Who Is Mohanji

As a global leader, Mohanji inspires a shift from “me” to “we” by fostering kindness, compassion and selflessness. Committed to uplifting humanity, he teaches the transformative power of non-violence and authentic self-expression. Through various global initiatives, Mohanji is empowering individuals to reach their highest potential and make a real impact. A family man at heart, he i married to Devi Mohan, with whom he shares their daughter Mila. Elevate your life with Mohanji’s inclusive philosophy: “Be You, and make the world a kinder place.”

"I am what you consider me to be"

Unlock the power of mental freedom with Mohanji’s teachings on liberation. Learn to live life fully in the moment, free from mental clutter and societal norms. Mohanji, who lives by example, says, “True mastery is mastering your own mind.” Elevate your daily experiences with his unique approach of Pathlessness, a non-dogmatic but profound spirituality that embraces naturalness, spontaneity and curiosity. Rediscover the joy of living life with the wonder of a child, without judgments or preconceptions.

Key Pillars Of Mohanji's Philosophy

Elevate your existence through purity, faith, and selfless service, beginning each day with gratitude and a commitment to positive impact. This mindset cultivates grace, attracting abundance while enriching both your journey and the world around you.

Spirituality Is A Lifestyle

Mohanji, a former corporate professional, epitomizes integrating spirituality into daily life in a practical way. Despite challenges since his 2012 public debut, his dedication to service and faith in human potential have earned him worldwide recognition. His balanced life draws strength from ancient wisdom and enlightened guides and continues to inspires many in todays’ fast-paced society.
Global Footprint
As a renowned humanitarian, Mohanji impacts the world positively through diverse charities like Ammucare and ACT Foundation, promoting human growth and global kindness. His presence spans 15 countries, guiding followers in over 80 territories towards their highest potential. Offering free transformative practices, Mohanji commits to non-violence, leading initiatives like Ahimsa Vegan restaurants, Vegan First portal, and cruelty-free Ahimsa Wear. His altruism has earned him worldwide recognition.

Leading By Example

Mohanji brings timeless spiritual wisdom to modern audiences, emphasizing that he is part of a long-standing tradition focused on liberation. His teachings are simple, practical, and universally relevant, transcending religious and national boundaries. As part of his mission, Mohanji has established multiple non-profit organizations worldwide, inspiring thousands of volunteers to make a positive impact.

Awards And Recognitions

Mohanji is widely known for his lifelong commitment to global service and peace. His impactful work has earned him multiple awards, cementing his reputation as a force for positive change.
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