Welcome to the Mohanji Centres, sacred havens for spiritual retreats

At Mohanji Centres, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, purification, and spiritual growth. Nestled in the serene beauty of nature, our centres provides a sacred space where seekers from all walks of life can find solace, rejuvenation, and inner peace.
Discover, connect, and awaken: embrace & celebrate life at Mohanji Centres of Peace and Benevolence.

About Mohanji Centres

Discover your unique path to inner peace at Mohanji Centres — A place for everyone. Our centres are established with foundational principles of inclusivity, compassion, respect for all beings and all spiritual traditions. Whether you are new to spirituality or have been on the path for years, our centre welcomes you with open arms. Learn more about our mission and values on our About page, and find out how we’re making a global impact with centres worldwide.

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Balance all Elements

Explore Our Transformative Retreats

We offer a wide range of retreats, each designed to cater to the diverse needs of spiritual seekers. From immersive meditation retreats to rejuvenating yoga and wellness retreats, from soul-nourishing nature retreats to mindful living and self-discovery retreats, our programs are carefully crafted to guide you towards profound transformation and inner awakening.


The transformative power of Mohanji Centre is best expressed through the words of those who have experienced our retreats.

Life At Mohanji Centres

At Mohanji Centres, we believe that life is a sacred journey of self-discovery, inner awakening, and spiritual growth. Our Life at Mohanji Centres page offers a glimpse into the essence of living in our centre community, where seekers from all walks of life come together to embark on a transformative path. Here, amidst serene surroundings, ancient wisdom, and a supportive community, you will find a nurturing environment that encourages exploration, connection, and the unfolding of your true self. Join us as we delve into the unique aspects that make your stay at Mohanji Centres around the world a transformative and enriching experience.
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