Be You - retreat with Mohanji

Silence & Self-Discovery

Mohanji Foundation Australia is delighted to extend a warm invitation to you for a soul-enriching retreat at the tranquil Mohanji Centre of Benevolence in Walpole, WA. Experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate Mahashivaratri, the night dedicated to Lord Shiva, in the divine presence of Mohanji. This retreat from 3rd March to 14th March can help guide you from the distractions of daily life to the profound stillness within, offering a harmonious blend of spiritual awakening and physical rejuvenation.

You are welcome to stay as long as you wish, prior to the retreat and even beyond, and continue your journey towards self-discovery, silence and stability in the serene embrace of Mohanji Centre of Benevolence.


3rd – 14th March 2024


Mohanji Centre of Benevolence – Australia
6845 South Coast Hwy,
Walpole WA 6398, Australia
Join us anytime! You’re welcome to sign up outside of retreat dates, too.

Experience the Divine - Mahashivaratri with Mohanji

Celebrate Mahashivaratri (8-Mar-2024): Immerse yourself in the sacred vibrations of Mahashivaratri, a night that marks the overcoming of darkness and ignorance. Being with Mohanji on this auspicious night amplifies the spiritual experience, offering a powerful moment for self-discovery and divine connection.
Bask in Mohanji’s Presence: Feel the transformative energy of being with Mohanji during this spiritual pinnacle. His guidance and insights during intimate Satsangs will deepen your journey into silence and awakening.

Highlights of Your “Be You” Retreat

Transition to Tranquility

Dive deep into tranquility as you move from the external chaos to internal serenity, embracing the stability and peace that come from true silence.

Direct Discourse with Mohanji

Experience the profound wisdom of Mohanji through daily Satsangs and interactions, enriching your spiritual journey.

Daily Sri Rudram Abhishekam

Engage daily in the Rudra Abhishekam, a sacred bathing ceremony for Shirdi Sai Baba.

Shivaratri with Mohanji

On the auspicious night of Maha Shivaratri, immerse yourself in a spiritual surge under Mohanji’s presence. This isn’t just about observing rituals; it’s about experiencing a cosmic connection.

In nature's lap

The retreat’s location is a natural paradise, offering a sensory feast of riverviews, oceanic melodies, and the whispers of the wilderness reflecting the unity and peace of Shiva’s creation.

Experience Unconditional Love

The retreat centre is not just a venue; it’s a living, breathing space of love and kindness, exemplified by the animals and nature that coexist here. Mohanji’s teachings on unconditional love and acceptance are mirrored in the environment.

Holistic Spiritual Practices

Dive into daily Yoga, meditation, and wellness programs designed to elevate your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Highlights of Your “Be You” Retreat

Daily Routine - Preview

Please note that the provided day schedule offers an anticipated glimpse into your retreat experience. The activities are subject to change based on instructions from Mohanji, aligning with the dynamic energy of the group.
Time (AM) Activity Time (PM) Activity
6:00 AM
12:00 PM
Noon Aarti followed by lunch
7:00 AM
2:00 PM
Silence / Meditation at pods (or) volunteering
8:00 AM
4:00 PM
Shiva Kavacham
9:00 AM
Process given by Mohanji (e.g. Abundance,
Forgiveness, Inverted Pyramid, etc.)
5:00 PM
Silence in nature
10:00 AM
Satsang with Mohanji
6:00 PM
Evening Aarti followed by dinner
11:15 AM
Sri Rudram with abishekam (bathing ceremony) for Baba
7:30 PM
Short meditation/Chanting/Sai Satcharitra
reading at the temple
8:30 PM
Night Aarti

Retreat Inclusions & Exclusions

What's Included in Your Retreat:

Comfortable Twin-Sharing Accommodations

A peaceful haven to rest and rejuvenate each day.

Nourishing Vegan

Savor wholesome, sattvic vegan meals prepared in the spirit of Mahashivaratri, supporting your physical and spiritual cleanse.

Spiritual Engagement with Mohanji

Immerse yourself in Mohanji's profound practices during Mahashivaratri, deepening your journey to inner peace.

Silent Pods
for Reflection

Dedicate personal time for silence, reflection, and meditation in our tranquil silent pods.

Please Note: Attendees are responsible for their own travel and related expenses. Personal mobile, data, internet, extra meals, beverages, and purchases are not included.


Residential Experience

AUD 185 $
/day (excl. Taxes)
  • AUD 204 $ (inc. Taxes)

Non Residential Experience

AUD 111 $
/day (excl. Taxes)
  • AUD 122 $ (inc. Taxes)

Online Engagement


AUD 155 $
(excl. Taxes)Onwards
  • 10 Days - AUD 281 $ (inc. Taxes)
  • 5 Days - AUD 171 $(inc. Taxes)
In-Person AUD per day incl. taxes USD per day incl. taxes EUR per day incl. taxes
Residential - 5 or more days
Residential - less than 5 days
Non-Residential - 5 or more days
Non-Residential- less than 5 days
Online AUD incl. taxes USD incl. taxes EUR incl. taxes
Online 5-days
Online 10-days
Maha Shivaratri Ceremonies/Rituals AUD incl. taxes USD incl. taxes EUR incl. taxes
In-person Participation
Online Participation



What is the Be You Retreat with Mohanji about?
The Be You Retreat with Mohanji is a soul-enriching journey of spiritual awakening and inner peace. Hosted by Mohanji Foundation Australia, this retreat, held at the serene Mohanji Centre of Benevolence in Walpole, WA, offers a unique opportunity to celebrate Mahashivaratri in the divine presence of Mohanji. The retreat combines spiritual practices, daily rituals, and transformative experiences to guide participants from the distractions of daily life to profound stillness within.
What is the significance of Mahashivaratri in the retreat?
Mahashivaratri, celebrated on March 8th, holds immense spiritual significance. It is a night dedicated to Lord Shiva, symbolizing the overcoming of darkness and ignorance. Being with Mohanji on this auspicious night amplifies the spiritual experience, offering a powerful moment for self-discovery and divine connection.
How will participants experience Mohanji's presence during the retreat?
Participants will have the opportunity to bask in Mohanji’s transformative energy during intimate Satsangs, where they will receive guidance and insights. Mohanji’s presence during Mahashivaratri adds a profound dimension to the spiritual journey, fostering a deeper connection with the divine.
Is the retreat suitable for beginners in spiritual practices?
Absolutely! The retreat is designed to accommodate participants at all levels of spiritual practice. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, the program is tailored to provide a meaningful and transformative experience for everyone.
How can I engage in the retreat if I am unable to attend in person?
If you are unable to attend in person, we offer online engagement options for 5 or 10 days. This allows you to participate in the transformative experience and connect with Mohanji’s teachings from the comfort of your own space.
Is there an age limit or specific requirements for participants?

This retreat promises to be a profound journey into silence and spirituality, coinciding with the sacred Shivaratri, a night dedicated to honouring Lord Shiva.

Participation Age:

The retreat is designed to cater to individuals who are genuinely seeking deeper spiritual experiences and have the maturity to understand and immerse themselves in the practices and teachings imparted. Here are the guidelines regarding the age of participants:

Minimum Age Requirement: Typically, participants should be 15 years or older. This ensures that individuals are mature enough to understand and fully engage in spiritual practices and maintain the discipline required for a silence retreat.

Exceptions: If someone younger wishes to participate, they must be accompanied by a guardian or parent who is also a participant in the retreat. The guardian must ensure that the younger participant is capable of maintaining the decorum and silence expected during the retreat.

Mature Minors: In some cases, minors who are mature for their age and have a demonstrated capacity for serious spiritual practice may be considered. Direct consultation with the retreat organizers may be required to assess the minor’s readiness and suitability for the retreat.
Important Considerations:

Understanding and Respect: All participants, regardless of age, are expected to have a sincere intention to explore spirituality and a deep respect for the silence and sanctity of the retreat environment.

Physical and Mental Readiness: Participants should be physically and mentally prepared to adhere to the retreat schedule, which includes early mornings, meditations, and other spiritual practices.

Guardian Responsibility: For younger participants, the accompanying guardian must take full responsibility for their well-being and conduct throughout the retreat.
We believe that age should not be a barrier to spiritual growth.

Can I visit outside of the retreat dates and stay at MCB?
Absolutely! You’re welcome to visit and stay at MCB anytime, regardless of retreat schedules. We’re always open to hosting you for a peaceful and rejuvenating experience.
Can I participate in just the Maha Shivaratri celebrations at MCB without attending other programs?

Yes, you are welcome to visit MCB and take part specifically in the Maha Shivaratri celebrations in Mohanji’s presence. Details for the event are currently being finalised and will be announced on our website shortly. For any additional questions, please feel free to contact

Additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding payments, venue accessibility, items to bring, and more can be found on our dedicated FAQ’s page. For comprehensive information, please visit the FAQ’s page by clicking here.


Embrace the Silence,
Embrace the Divine

This retreat is more than a getaway; it’s a pilgrimage to the depths of your soul, an opportunity to align with the cosmic rhythm during Mahashivaratri, and a chance to find peace and clarity in Mohanji’s presence. Embrace this chance to transform, connect, and align with the divine during one of the most powerful times of the year. Secure your spot now and prepare to step into a realm of inner peace and silence.
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