Cow feeding per day

Both Nandini (calf) and Kamadenu (cow) are excited to share their space with other beings at the Mohanji Centre of Benevolence. They are a part of our family and we are committed to giving good care for them and staying true to Mohanji’s teachings by showering them with abundant unconditional love and compassion.


Support the Well-being of Kamadenu and Nandini

It costs about AUD 30.00 per day to feed both Kamadenu and Nandini, and we look forward to your generous donations to help us continue serving them high-quality food and look after their well-being.

We encourage you to donate at least for 3-days as this will go a long way in ensuring they have enough supply of food.

Benefits of feeding cows:

  • Divine Connection: Donating food to cows helps strengthen your connection with the divine and fosters a sense of reverence towards these sacred creatures.
  • Positive Energy: Offering food to cows is believed to generate positive energy and multiply positivity in your life. It brings contentment, peace, prosperity, and harmony.
  • Karmic Balance: By feeding cows and providing for their needs, you can balance the negative karmic effects caused by malefic planetary influences. It is considered a powerful remedy to alleviate the troubles arising from such influences and promote overall harmony in life.
  • Protection and Blessings: Feeding cows is believed to invoke the blessings of various deities who are associated with their well-being. It is said to safeguard individuals from malefic effects and obstacles caused by planetary influences.
  • Good Karma: Donating food to cows is considered an act of compassion and selflessness. It contributes to your accumulation of good karma, which has positive implications not only in this life but also in future lives. It is believed that such virtuous actions bring about favourable circumstances and spiritual growth, and ultimately lead to liberation.

Additional Ways to Support

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