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Dhuni is as the symbolic womb of the Earth from which the universe is generated, sustained, and destroyed. The dhuni holds the essence of transformation, awakening, and individual and group worship.


Mohanji Centre of Benevolence – Eternal Fire Support

The Mohanji Centre of Benevolence is home to a sacred dhuni, initiated by Mohanji on the significant day of 25th March 2023, during the pranaprathista (consecration) of Shirdi Sai Baba.

We humbly seek your support in sourcing firewood, an essential element to keep the eternal fire burning. Contributing to this noble cause aids in the spiritual process of burning one’s karmic baggage, much like the transformation of wood into ashes.

Spiritual Context of Shirdi Sai Baba’s Dhuni

In the revered Dwarkamai mosque, Shirdi Sai Baba lit the dhuni to impart lessons on discrimination and to remind his devotees of life’s fleeting nature. The ash, known as Udi, collected from this sacred fire is believed to hold healing properties. Many devotees have reported experiencing improved well-being and spiritual growth through its use. The dhuni serves as a stark reminder of the body’s impermanence and the importance of spiritual awareness and karma evaluation.

Spiritual Significance of Dhuni (Eternal Fire)

The dhuni holds profound spiritual significance across various traditions. Commonly, it symbolizes a focal point for devotion, transformation, and a connection to the divine. Tending to the eternal fire is seen as a ritual to purify the mind, ignite spiritual energies, and attract divine blessings. It’s a practice that encourages introspection and a deeper understanding of the transient nature of existence.

We invite you to be part of this sacred tradition by contributing to the upkeep of the eternal fire. Your support is invaluable in maintaining this spiritual heritage and assisting countless souls on their journey to enlightenment.

Additional Ways to Support

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