Welcome To The Lord Ganesha Temple!

Uncover the sacred vitality and benevolence of Lord Ganesha within the temples at our various centres. Revered as the dispeller of hindrances and an emblem of sagacity, we commemorate and pay homage to the divine essence of this cherished deity in our temples devoted to Lord Ganesha.

Significance Of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is a universal symbol of success and prosperity. Worshipped as the Lord of Beginnings, he is invoked before embarking on any new endeavour or undertaking. At our temple, we offer various rituals and spiritual activities, helping you connect and receive blessings for a successful life.
In the presence of Lord Ganesha, find the courage to overcome life’s challenges. Known for his wisdom, he enlightens us with clarity and inner guidance. Through devotion and ritual, enhance your intellect and invite prosperity.

Mohanji Speaks About The Birth Of Ganesha

Mohanji delves into the intriguing tale of Ganesha’s creation and transformation to offer profound spiritual insights. Ma Parvati initially created a boy from dust to serve as her bodyguard. When Lord Shiva unknowingly beheaded this child, Parvati was distraught. To rectify the situation, Shiva replaced the boy’s head with that of an elephant. But this act wasn’t a mere restoration; it was a powerful transformation. Ganesha went from being a simple creation of Parvati to becoming a deity symbolizing Shiva’s supreme consciousness. Shiva’s act signifies the potential within each of us to ascend from human limitations to divine awareness.
Mohanji explains that Ganesha’s elephant head symbolizes an untapped level of supreme consciousness beyond human intellect. He urges us to see Ganesha not just as a remover of obstacles but as an embodiment of cosmic awareness and the source of all creation.

Lord Ganesha represents Shiva’s supreme consciousness aspect as being aware of the entire consciousness, the entire world, and the energy behind the whole creation.

Visit Us For A Divine Experience

Discover serenity and spiritual enrichment within the Lord Ganesha temples located at our various Mohanji Centres across the globe. These sacred havens provide a tranquil setting for prayer, gratitude, and seeking divine guidance. Immerse yourself in the transformative aura of Lord Ganesha.


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